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All of these materials are formed, welded, laser drilled and brazed in order to respond to our customers requirements for their specific parts used in gas turbines.
Non-destructive and non-intrusive quality control techniques, such as x-rays, ultrasound, liquid penetrant inspection, as well as, visual inspection and geometric measurements are performed to ensure that our work meets the quality requirements expected by our customers.

2 Workshop Facilities

TIG and RSW Welding Stations

  • 16 TIG Welding Machines
  • 4 MIG Welding Machines

Forming Stations

  • 3 Rolling Machines
  • 3 Bending Machines
  • 1 Hydraulic press “Cavenaghi Ridolfi” 650 tons
    (working area 1600mm × 2200mm)
  • 1 Hydraulic press AEM3 350 tons
    (working area 1200mm × 800mm)

Machining Area

  • 1 CNC Mikron HPM 1150U
    (working area 1000mm × 1150mm × 895mm)
  • 1 Milling Machine
  • 1 Grinding Machine
  • 2 Drilling Machines
  • 3 Turning Machines

(Electrical Discharge Machining)

Working area 1000mm × 1300mm × 900mm
Minimum hole Ø: 0,2mm
Maximum hole Ø: 6,0mm
Maximum thickness: 800mm
Hole Tolerance: 0,01mm
Positioning Tolerance: 0,01mm

3D Laser Machines

  • 1 LASERTEC® 130 PowerDrill
    Working area 1300mm × 920mm × 820mm
    Minimum hole Ø: 0,2 mm
    Maximum thickness: 12 mm
    Hole Tolerance: 0,004 mm
    Positioning Tolerance: 0,02 mm
    Min. Hole inclination from surface: 15°
  • 1 LASERDYNE® 811
    Working area 1100mm × 800mm × 600mm
    Minimum hole Ø: 0,2mm
    Maximum thickness: 10mm
    Hole Tolerance: 0,004mm
    Positioning Tolerance: 0,02mm
    Min. Hole inclination from surface: 15°

Heat Treatment

  • 1 Electric Furnace CMQ/1000 T=1200°C
    (working area 1200mm × 1200mm x 1200mm)

Testing and Quality Control

  • 1 Automated 3D CMM Machine
    (working area 1500mm × 1000mm × 1000mm)
  • 1 Manual 3D CMM Machine
    (working area 1300mm × 2600mm × 1400mm)
  • 1 FPI Plant

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5 April 2022

Il sistema di lavorazione laser multiasse ci permetterà di offrire precisione per le operazioni di foratura, taglio e saldatura per pezzi di piccole e medie dimensioni.
10 January 2016

ILT Tecnologie recently bought a new machine: an EDM-CNC machine that is going to improve the company capabilities. The EDM-CNC machine is going to perform high precision microdrilling on all kind of metals and super alloys. The working area is 1,300 × 1,000 × 400 mm.

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