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ILT Tecnologie is dedicated to offer high-quality services. Our key strength is the use of a wide range of sheet metals from Nickel and Cobalt-based superalloys (I.e Hastelloy®X, Inconel®, Nimonic®, etc.) to stainless steel, to make Hot Gas Parts for the Energy and Aeronautical markets.


A constantly growing reality

ILT Tecnologie has over 60 years of experience. A story that is built upon commitment with many and various important events that has marked the history of the company.


ILT begin its business forming motorcycle frames bodies for Piaggio Company


ILT enter the Turbogas sector, manufacturing Combustion Chambers and Transition Pieces for Nuovo Pignone Firenze.


ILT starts to collaborate with Fiat Avio company based in Turin, manufacturing Combustion chambers and Transitions Pieces for the TG20, TG50D5, TG50D5DLN and 701F gas turbines. In parallel, ILT began the production of hydrogen and oxygen generators for soldering work.


ILT joins Enel Research in Pisa and begins manufacturing the first Test Rig to setup the Combustion in the new Test Facility Area located in Sesta (Italy)


ILT experience and knowledge in turbogas sector allowed us to produce special components for worldwide Test Facilities.


The experience and skills of ILT in the renewable energy market have led to the launch of “ILT Energia” in the R&D of hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen generators.

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The know-how and experience acquired from over 60 years of trading has positioned ILT Tecnologie amongst the most successful firms across the world

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24 January 2023

Thanks to the collaboration between Lemass Holding and Fondazione Pontedera per a Cultura, all ILT Tecnologie and ILT Energia employees can access Enzo Fiore’s ‘Appropriation’ exhibition from 23 December to 10 April at PALP in Pontedera (PI) at a reduced price.
30 December 2022

Curiosità, creatività, abilità manuali e lavoro in team: queste sono le caratteristiche cardine su cui si fonda ILT Tecnologie. Formati con Manpower Academy in Saldatura! Affrettati, i posti sono limitati!
29 December 2022

On Friday 23 December 2022, the annual ILT Team Building activity took place at SSD My Kart in Montecatini. Thank you all for participating!