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Our Story

A reality that continues to grow

ILT Tecnologie has over 60 years of experience. A story that is built upon commitment with many and various important events that has marked the history of the Company.





70’s and 80’s



  • 50’s
  • 60’s
  • 70’s and 80’s

ILT Tecnologie produces the frames for motorcycles built by Piaggio.


The company decides to enter a new market with the production of components destined for the energy market. These are the years that see ILT Tecnologie produce the first combustion chambers and transitions for the gas turbines used in power generation for Nuovo Pignone (now part of GE).

70’s and 80’s

These are the years where ILT Tecnologie grows their customer base, becoming a supplier for FIAT TTG an then FIAT AVIO. ILT Tecnologie begins to manufacture combustion chambers and transitions for the Turin based company for the TG20, TG50D5, TG50D5DLN and 701F gas turbines.

  • 90’s
  • 2000’s
  • Mid to late 2000’s

These are the years that see some important developments in the ILT Tecnologie’s history. The company becomes a key partner with the research and development department of ENEL, helping them build key components in ENEL’s Sesta Research Test Facility used by many gas turbine manufacturers worldwide for testing and validating their combustion equipment.


Starting off as being a resource for repairs and modifications of components for the various OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) using ENEL’s Test Facility, ILT Tecnologie developed key relationships with the engineering and research and development offices of these same companies. These partnerships allowed ILT Tecnologie to manufacture prototype parts for the OEM’s as well as building special components used for the proper execution of the testing.

Mid to late 2000’s

After over 30 years of experience in the energy sector specializing in the manufacturing of “hot gas path” parts using exotic materials, ILT Tecnologies decides to enter a new market, applying its experience and know-how in the aeronautical markets.

The company started with the manufacture of components for both civil and military aviation applications, ILT Tecnologie also participated in some new projects such as GenX, EJ200, PW800 and GE9x.

Who we are

ILT Tecnologie Today

Working with the state of the art technologies, our strong point is the “know-how” and the workmanship of our people.

Mission Statement

We work with precision special materials such as alloys, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum for the energy gas turbine marker as well as engines for the aeronautical sector.

The combination of experience, innovation and expertise has allowed us to become an important partner with the major worldwide gas turbine manufacturers such as Siemens Energy, GE Avio, GE Oil and Gas, GE Energy, Nuovo Pigone, Ansaldo Energia and ENEL Ricerca (Research).

Our focus on environmental issues guides our every day decisions to reduce any negative impact on the environment by reducing water consumption and using the latest technologies available.

Our Values

Our primary resource is our people. Our technicians and welders are all qualified and certified in the work that they perform and we are constantly investing in our personnel to allow them to remain up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques.

We have a talented staff of young technicians who are trained alongside our more experienced craftsman providing a great mix of personnel that will propel our business into the future.

Our Greatest Asset – Our Talented Personnel

Check out the photo gallery of our technicians and personnel in their various work activities.