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A journey through time for ILT Tecnologie: Pontedera and Vespa World Days

18 April 2024

In the history of the Vespa, there is a lot of us.

In the 1950s, we helped create Vespa by providing the frames that gave birth to one of the world’s most beloved symbols.

Today we are enthusiastically celebrating Vespa World Days to be held April 18-21 in Pontedera, four days to celebrate the icon of a generation.

Pontedera is not only the birthplace of the Vespa, but also where our history began.

These days the city will raise a glass to the 78th year of the Vespa, born in 1946 from the genius of Corradino D’Ascanio, the engineer who invented helicopters and who, starting precisely from sketches of model airplanes, designed in Pontedera the one of the most emblematic symbols of made in italy all over the world.

For four days more than 10,000 Vespa riders from more than 50 countries will gather to celebrate this legend together. Italians in the lead, followed by a large German, Belgian, Dutch and Swiss delegation, but also representatives from the Japanese, Filipinos, Canadians, Arabs, Peruvians and from every corner of the world, all gathered to speed along the roads surrounding Pontedera.

From Pisa to Volterra, from the hills of Peccioli to those of Lajatico, Vespas, each with its own history and personality, will be the undisputed stars of this extraordinary celebration, making Vespa World Days a one-of-a-kind event.

We, too, are Vespa lovers and will see that we do not miss this incredible event!

Pictured: Sonia Beccani, ILT Group president and CEO, riding a Vespa from the 1960s