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We work with precision special materials such as alloys, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum for the energy gas turbine marker as well as engines for the aeronautical sector.


Energy Market

From 1969, we have manufactured “hot gas path” parts for gas turbines for use in the power generation market. Specifically these parts are combustion chambers and transition pieces used to guide the hot gas to the stator/rotors of the turbine.



Aerospace Market

Our experience and expertise gained through our work in the gas turbine market for power generation has also allowed ILT Tecnologie to work in the Aerospace and Aeronautical Markets.



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11 June 2021

Dopo aver sostenuto le campagne vaccinali ad Aprile contribuendo alla realizzazione dell’ HUB di Pontedera, oggi ILT dà l’opportunità di vaccinare i propri dipendenti grazie alla partecipazione di Unione Industriale Pisana (Uip) e il Comitato di Pisa della Croce Rossa Italiana. Consapevoli che l’unica soluzione a questo problema possa arrivare solo attraverso la vaccinazione di […]
22 May 2019

ILT Tecnologie, in partnership with Manpower and Itec, has started a new project: a welding academy to train welders aiming to join our team. This project  started with a long selection process finalized to choose the 6 most interesting profiles. Recruiting activities tested candidates through welding simulations, individual interviews and team building activities. The academy […]
16 May 2019

POWER-GEN Europe is the most important European event in the energy sector, registering over 18 000 visitors last year. This year, for the first time, POWER-GEN Europe will be co-located with European Utility Week: this synthesis is aimed at representing, in a single experience, the entire cycle of energy, from its generation to final consumption. […]