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We work with precision special materials such as alloys, stainless steel for the energy gas turbine marker as well as engines for the aeronautical sector.


Our Core Markets

Thanks to our worldwide supply chain, ILT Tecnologie is able to offer its clients a wide range of high-quality OEM products.

Our Workshop

We provide services for the fabrication of sheet metal parts. We use the best CNC technology that guarantees high precision and quality components. Find out more about our workshop



The quality and professionalism of the company’s processes, products and services are evidenced by the numerous certifications and awards obtained.



Craftsmanship and know-how around the world

The know-how and experience acquired from over 60 years of trading has positioned ILT Tecnologie amongst the most successful firms across the world, and becoming an important partner with the major worldwide gas turbine manufacturers.

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4 October 2022

Working in teams is a priority within the company. The ability to work in synergy and teamwork are one of the pillars of modern business organization and the main lever for competitiveness. ILT Team was born from the need to unite ILT Energia and ILT Tecnologie to convey their values to the work team in […]
29 August 2022

Enlite Europe is Europe’s most important exhibition in the energy sector, registering more than 18,000 visitors at the last edition. The event, one of Europe’s largest in the energy sector, such as distribution and renewable energies, will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from 29th November to 1st December 2022. You can meet our experts specialising […]
6 July 2022

ILT Tecnologie has a wealth of experience in manufacturing, assembly and instrumenting high-fidelity prototypes. In 2014, ILT Tecnologie has been part of a consortium formed by major key industrial and academic players in the Energy market to collaborate in the S-TECH project (Smart Turbine TECHnology). The S-TECH project consisted in design and manufacturing a test rig that […]


Working at ILT is an opportunity to develop your skills and professionalism.