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Energy Market

From 1969, we have manufactured “hot gas path” parts for gas turbines for use in the power generation market. Specifically these parts are combustion chambers and transition pieces used to guide the hot gas to the stator/rotors of the turbine.

Production of Components

Due to the high temperatures that these parts are subjected to, ILT Tecnologie has acquired experience with special alloy materials namely composed of nickel and cobalt such as Hastelloy X, Monel, Nichel, Inconel and Nimonic.

All types of stainless steels are also extensively used. All of these materials are formed, welded, laser drilled and brazed in order to respond to our customers’ requirements for their specific parts used in gas turbines.

Non-destructive quality check techniques, such as x-rays, ultrasound, liquid penetrant inspection as well as visual and geometric measurements all ensure that our work meets the stringent quality requirements our customers expect.


Our overall experience in manufacturing has also allowed us to provide services in the repair market. With our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes, this has allowed ILT to be able to properly and effectively repair parts that have been used in the field.

Prototype Component Manufacturing

This aspect our ILT Tecnologie’s business has allowed us to gain important knowledge in the latest designs and developments in the gas turbine power generation market. We work in strict confidence with our partners/customers to provide solutions that will shape the future of the energy markets. Our prototypes are also used in various test facilities throughout the world for validation prior to being commercialized and introduced into the fleet of engines. Our participation with the manufacturing of prototypes also allows us to have a preferred status for eventually providing the production ready components.


Aerospace Market

Our experience and expertise gained through our work in the gas turbine market for power generation has also allowed ILT Tecnologie to work in the Aerospace and Aeronautical Markets.

Production and Manufacturing of Components

ILT Tecnologie has produced several parts for both the civil and military aeronautical market since 2005. They projects include EJ200, GENx, LM6000, New AC and PW800.

Prototype Component Manufacturing

As is the case with the gas turbine energy market, prototype manufacturing for the aeronautical and aerospace industry is also an important aspect of our business. ILT Tecnologie is able to participate in the development, with close collaboration and partnership with our customers’ research and development departments, of the latest technologies in the aerospace industry. As is the case with the energy business, prototype parts manufactured by ILT Tecnologie are used in various test facilities across the world and allow ILT Tecnologie to be a preferred supplier once the prototypes are developed into production components.


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