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Our Core Markets

Thanks to our worldwide supply chain, ILT Tecnologie is able to offer its clients a wide range of high-quality OEM products.

ILT Tecnologie has heavily invested in the development of new innovative production processes and cutting-edge technologies, offering its customers with innovative and competitive solutions.

Energy Sector

Since 1969, ILT is specialized in manufacturing “hot gas path” parts for gas turbine, such as combustion chambers, combustion liners and transition pieces used in the energy generation market.

Aeronautical Sector

Since 2005, ILT Tecnologie produces several parts for both the civil and military aeronautical engine market such us EJ200, GENx, LM6000, GE9x, PW812.

With the current aeronautical market growth projection, ILT Tecnologie is heavily investing to obtain the NADCAP Certification to best use our knowledge and skills acquired in the energy market to ensure high quality parts component and equipments for the aeronautical sector.

Repair, Refurbishment, Servicing

ILT Tecnologie has an in-house team dedicated to repair and fully services hot gas turbine parts. The Repair and fully service processes is made up in four stages.

When a component first arrives at ILT, our engineers conduct a preliminary visual inspection of the item with a dimensional control in order to assess the repair work.

This non-intrusive low-cost method is able to detect surface-breaking flaws such as cracks, laps and porosity using the fluorescent ARDROX® 9703. This test is carried out in our newly manufactured liquid penetrant cabin.

After a thorough assessment of the damaged part, our ILT technicians carry out the repair work using our cutting-edge technology. ILT offers a variety of machines tools such as CNN 5 Axis Machine, Laser Tech 130, EDM, and the newly bought high precision LASERDYNE®

Our quality control system ensure that all the processes applied throughout the repair and servicing stages has followed the certification practices standards ISO 9001 ISO 9100.


We work closely with our partners/customers to provide solutions for the development of high fidelity prototypes for the energy markets.

Our project managers and technical directors are always available to give the necessary technical and engineering support. ILT experts can handle complex technical issues working closely with third party designers.

ILT has invested heavily in the latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest manufacturing quality of parts and components required by our clients using special raw materials. ILT collaborates with third party designers leaders in the turbogas sector, to design and manufacture parts for European programmes aimed at develop disruptive new aircraft technologies to support the European Green deal and climate neutrality by 2050 (Clean Aviation, 2022).

With our 1200m2 site, ILT has a dedicated workshop facility equipped with a 12t crane to help our technicians to assemble prototypes and other experimental rigs requested by our clients. ILT also offers storage service to ensure that all the parts are available as requested by the clients.

ILT offers test rig servicing during the test trials for all test rigs assembled in our facilities. Our technicians are available throughout the entire duration of the test campaign, offering solutions to complex engineering problems.
A comprehensive maintanance program is offered to test rigs on storage to ensure long-term reliable performance of the fitted instrumentation.

We have a team of professional technicians dedicate to the prototype instrumentation of parts that are manufacturing on-site or elsewhere. ILT has experience in fitting several different types of thermocouples, strain gauges, accelerometers, dynamic sensors, boundary layer rakes and pressure probes.

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