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S-Tech Test Rig for Energy Sector Launched in Italy

6 July 2022

ILT Tecnologie has a wealth of experience in manufacturing, assembly and instrumenting high-fidelity prototypes.

In 2014, ILT Tecnologie has been part of a consortium formed by major key industrial and academic players in the Energy market to collaborate in the S-TECH project (Smart Turbine TECHnology). The S-TECH project consisted in design and manufacturing a test rig that aims at advancing the state of the art of the technologies used in turbomachinery for energy generation, in order to improve flexibility and efficiency with very low emissions.

S-TECH rig is a modular 6 mt long test rig and it is made of by four main parts; an inlet casing, allowing combustion air to enter the combustion chamber, a flame tube, which is tube containing the combustion flame, an acustic duct, which it is about 2.5mt long pipe used for acoustic characterization, and exhaust duct used to cool the temperature of the exhaust flow down and a throttle valve to manage the exhaust flow pressure.

The S- TECH key functionalities are:

  • Provide the end-user with a detailed characteristics of the high-pressure combustion in terms of velocity, temperature and chemical reaction involved in the process
  • Optical and thermoacustic measurements varyng the length of the combustor by adjusting the piston longitudinal position in the Acustic duct, in order to satisfy the required testing frequencies

The S-TECH Acustic duct boasts of several optical windows and instrumentation accesses to allow different types of optical variables to be measured such as Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF) allowing a qualitative measurements of the main flame markers, Structured Laser Illumination Planar Imaging (SLIPI) for temperature measurements, and Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry (Stereo-PIV) for velocity field measurements.

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