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Making a difference in style: new ILT Team apparel coming soon!

4 October 2022

Working in teams is a priority within the company.

The ability to work in synergy and teamwork are one of the pillars of modern business organization and the main lever for competitiveness.

ILT Team was born from the need to unite ILT Energia and ILT Tecnologie to convey their values to the work team in a single message of unity and sharing.

In addition to our technical capabilities, intrinsic to the service or product we offer, we add perceived quality: what really makes the difference is our added value, and one of the main vectors of perceived quality is our corporate image.

Workwear, uniforms, are an effective communication and branding tool by transforming an item of clothing into a recognizable icon that identifies corporate values.

Here, then, that unconsciously the added value of a company also comes through the care it puts into its image, creating an organic communication.

What about you, what do you think in the new clothing?